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When we come together, we can accomplish great things. The proposed BLM Sand Mountain Land Exchange posed a serious threat to both the OHV community and Dispersed Campers that used Warner Valley. When we raised a Call to Action to the Community, nearly a thousand of you turned up at the St George Library for BLM’s scoping meeting with only 4 days notice. Hundreds of you submitted scoping comments, including some of the most substantive comments I’ve ever seen. Your response set the stage for how committed the OHV community was in protecting Sand Mountain and helped us immensely in negotiating with BLM, Washington County Water Conservancy District (DISTRICT), and the City of Washington.

The team that negotiated on behalf of the OHV community consisted of Jeff Bieber from DRATS, Ben Burr from BlueRibbon Coalition, Milt Thompson from Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, Steve Jacobs from Tri State ATV, Steve Maxfield and Casey Lofthouse. I had the pleasure of leading the team as the representative from Utah Public Lands Alliance. Together, we spent many hours, weeks, and months strategizing and meeting with 4 different government agencies to find a mutually agreeable solution. Thank you to Rich Klien and Brandi Farra with Trail Hero, Michelle and Paul Cox with Fab Rats, and Matt Wetzel and his whole team at Matt's Offroad Recovery for helping us raise money at the Offroad Car Show & Swap Meet.

I must recognize the leaders of the agencies for taking the time and effort to understand our needs and respond to them. Jason West, BLM Field Manager was always quick to respond to our inquiries and set up our initial meetings with the DISTRICT. Mayor Nanette Billings from the City of Hurricane setup our first meeting with the City of Washington, Mayor Kress Steheli. General Manager Zach Renstrom and Attorney Morgan Drake from the DISTRICT spent many hours working with us and refining the agreement and working document. Both Mayor Steheli and Jason West went on field trips with Jeff Bieber and I to tour to affected parts of Sand Mountain, and to show them the work the OHV Community has done on Sand Mountain. Morgan Drake and Zach Renstrom organized a field trip in UTVs for DISTRICT staff and Board members to view the mountain for themselves. They got a first hand experience of why we’re so proud and protective.

Last night, the DISTRICT Board passed a Resolution unanimously that identified the protections the OHV Community needed, as well as limited protection for Dispersed Camping until we can find another option. The Resolution, Map and Press Release can be seen here.

As stated in the Board Meeting last night by Morgan Drake and Mayor Kress Steheli from the City of Washington, this has been an excellent example of how difficult land use decisions can best be worked out when everyone sits at the table and work together to find a solution.  Is it a solution that everybody got everything they wanted? No, that only happens in fairy tales. Is the work over? No, there’s still work to be done in the coming months-but this was a very important milestone for us because BLM will insert these conditions into the terms of the Land Exchange if it is approved.

We still have several review processes to complete with the NEPA process, and we’ll be asking you to reengage as those came up. But a sincere thank you to everyone that participated in this effort for a successful outcome.

Remember this for the future…But We Can’t Do It Without You

Gratefully and with Sincere Appreciation,

Loren Campbell
Utah Public Lands Alliance


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